Message of the Commandant Punjab Constabulary

I am indeed honoured to have been entrusted with the command of Punjab Constabulary. Established in 1972 as Punjab’s Reserve Police (PRP), it was renamed as Punjab Constabulary (PC) in 1986. PC is IGP Punjab’s reserve police to be deployed in difficult and challenging situations that demand extra and decisive strike to support law enforcement capacity of local police.

PC maintains high standard of discipline and professional commitment whenever and wherever deployed. Over the years PC has assumed an important role in supporting the district police in challenging law and order and security situations throughout the province and the Federal Capital territory for events like Moharram, General Elections, international matches, Katcha Operation or terrorism etc.

Punjab Constabulary takes immense pride that 32 of its officers laid down their lives in the line of duty. Sacrifices of martyrs are a living testimony to the professional commitment PC attaches to maintaining public peace and order in the province. I take this opportunity to pay tribute to the martyrs and their families for sacrificing their today for nations’ tomorrow. I also undertake to consolidate the initiatives and endeavours of my predecessors for the discipline and welfare of Punjab Constabulary as well as strengthening its role in supporting local police forces.

May Allah Almighty guide, help and support us in the performance of our duties.