Mission Statement

Raised in 1972 Punjab Constabulary (PC) is IGP Punjab’s standing reserve to be deployed in support of Punjab Police throughout the province and the Federal Capital Territory on the directions of IGP Punjab. PC objective and mandate is to support and strengthen the enforcement capacity of Punjab Police in challenging law & order and security situations. The mission statement of the PC is to establish the writ of law in situations that demand an extra punch from law enforcement forces. PC objective is to maintain a high standard of professionalism and preparedness year-round to ensure swift deployment anytime anywhere in the Province in support of its brethren in uniform. Its success story is drenched with blood and sweat in that as many as 32 officials laid down their lives in the line of duty. The strength of PC lies in its commitment to duty and camaraderie with the police forces. Whenever and wherever deployed Punjab Constabulary goes equipped with commitment, discipline and valour.