Criminal Procedure Code 1898 Download PDF – CrPC 1898 PDF Pakistan

Criminal Procedure Code 1898 Download PDF Free (Amended by Act II 1997)

Criminal Procedure Code 1898 Download PDF Free. This post contains Criminal Procedure Code 1898 (Amended by Act II) in PDF Format. You can download this PDF book as notes to prepare it. Usually, this Law Book is important for Lawyers and they download this book as helping book for their practice. However, this is an important book for Police Officers and Officials as well. The Correct word is Cr.P.C and this code is very comprehensive book for Criminal Courts in Pakistan. This book has complete procedures and provisions which are necessary to regulate the working of Criminal Law Courts in Pakistan. This book is so comprehensive that this is not possible to explain it here in this post. This Code deserves a through study to understand its all sections and require proper explanations. However, if we explain it in one line, we can say all the Criminal Courts of Country work under this act and this is the back bone in the Law System of Pakistan. 

Up to Date CrPC 1998 PDF Download Free – Pakistan

One more thing, this is not a tinny book. There are hundreds of sections in this code and also some lengthy schedules are available at the end of this book. Like its other sections its schedules are also very important because from then you can get guidelines for the courts and lawyers. This is an updated book with amended by Act II 1997. This book meets all the needs of modern society  You do not need to purchase this book. Now, you can download CrPC in PDF format from this official website of Punjab Constabulary. Book size is 556.70 KB and you need this memory in your device.

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