General Darbar by Commandant PC at PC Headquarters Farooqabad on 06.08.2020

Mr. Muhammad Ehsan Tufail, Addl; IGP/Commandant Punjab Constabulary held an “Ijlaas e Aam” at PC Headquarters, Farooqabad on 06.08.2020. Necessary instructions/orders were issued on the spot to address the grievances. The directions issued by the worthy IG, Punjab were also conveyed to all with emphasis on operational preparedness, discipline and conduct. The PC Force was urged upon to perform upcoming Moharram duty with zeal and zest to highlight the positive role of Punjab Constabulary in aid to district Police to maintain Law & Order. It was decided after due deliberation with the officers that all professional activities should be carried out regularly to keep the force fit and ready to combat emerging challenges while taking all precautions against COVID-19. It was also decided that a massive tree plantation drive must also be undertaken with missionary zeal as envisaged by the worthy IGP, Punjab. The commandant also planted a tree to underline the importance of tree plantation drive.