Pakistan Penal Code 1860 PDF Download – Free PPC PDF Updated

Pakistan Penal Code 1860 PDF Download – Free Download PPC PDF updated – Download Updated PPC – PPC Pakistan

In this post, you can download Pakistan Penal Code 1860 PDF Free. Many people looking for Free Download PPC PDF updated  online. Here is end of their search. This PDF Book starts with Introduction of this Code and title and extent of of operation of this code are that, this act shall be called the Pakistan Penal Code, and shall take effect all over the Pakistan. There is also different types of punishments elaborated in it for different types of offences committed within Pakistan. Everybody how is living within Pakistan shall be liable, for punishment for any offense committed by them. This Penal Code will also explain about the punishment for those offenses which are committed beyond, but which by law may be tried within Pakistan. So, anybody will be liable for punishment, if committed any offense beyond Pakistan but shall be dealt with as it is committed in Pakistan. Pakistan Penal Code 1860 is a Law Book and may be Lawyers and Staff of Law departments looking for it online. But Police Officers should also download this book and get aware of punishments and Laws.

PPC ACT XLV 1860 PDF Download

The interesting thing about this code is that, Pakistan Penal Code and Indian Penal Code are the same and the reason is that both are designed by the Britishers. After the independence both countries made little changes in this code. But some sections are same even till date. For instance, 302 is a very well known section in both counties and it is related to the cases of murder. Here under is Download Book. Just Click on it to get this book in your mobile or computer. This is a tinny file and the size of this file is only 25.13KB. This way, memory of your device doesn’t matter. To Download Other Law Books in PDF Click Here.

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