SP/Battalion Commander, Bn-3 Visit to Sensitive Areas of Kacha

Mr. Muhammad Ehsan Tufail Addl; IG/Commandant PC issued directions to the Battalion Commanders to stay in touch with the subordinates regarding their duties and to resolve their issues and related problems on priority basis. He has also directed the PC Command to take all necessary measures for the welfare of PC officials.

In this regard, Saleem Niazi SP/Battalion Commander, Bn-3 spent his day with the Constabulary posted at various sensitive areas of Kacha and apprised on 06.10.2021. He inquired about their well-being and urged them to perform their official duties with zeal and zest. He also asked the PC Personnel, if they had any problems, in response most of the PC Personnel expressed their appreciation and satisfaction.

The Battalion Commander concluded his meeting with DPO RY Khan, who was more than satisfied with the performance of PC Force.