PCBOIP – Punjab Constabulary Basic Orientation Programme

A range of activities have been introduced in the daily routine of the junior ranks to keep them engaged and active particularly at times when they are not deployed on duties. These activities can be broadly divided into four categories; Anti-Riot Drills, E-Tutorials, Physical Training and Extracurriculars. All these initiatives and interventions have been combined in the “Punjab Constabulary Basic Orientation & Induction Programme” (PCBOIP) to ensure standardization and continuity. All new arrivals shall go through PCBOIP. Credit hours of each strand shall be worked out to enable participants to attend as and when they are on general duty in PC lines. In case a participant goes away on special duty/active deployment, he shall complete the remaining part of programme upon return.


Anti Riot Drills

  • Anti Riot Tactics
  • Weapon Handling
  • Shooting Practice



  • SOPs of Anti-Riot Dills
  • Use of Non-lethal Weapons
  • Anti-Riot Field Formations
  • Arrest & Carrying Techniques


Physical Trainings

  • Drills
  • PT
  • Sports


Extra Curricular Activities

  • Mess Nights
  • Musical Evenings
  • Movie Nights

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